In relation to the government’s and ministries’ latest announcements and divisions within circular economy as well as companies’ growing interest and focus on areas within circular development, we want to communicate the comprehension of the design impression in the work within circular economy, already from the beginning of design processes.

Therefore, we see it relevant to increase the understanding and insight into how design thinking and design methods can support the early design phases, in order to expand the growth potential for circular production and the mindset.


We offer design- and business development as well as idea generation with the opportunity for growth through circular business models and as strategic partners; we help companies to develop plans for transition to a circular business model.


Within the industrial and graphic design field, we embrace /


Work strategically and development-oriented with a focus on circular design methods.​


Work methodically, analytically, practically and theoretically, which meets your business within circular design thinking and application​


Work with the entire value chain, from sub-elements to fully-packaged styles​




 We believe, it is through design thinking and methods that companies can be able to change the mindset and move towards sustainable development. Therefore, we offer advice, support and expansion of the individual company's growth potential to circular production and mindset.


We use circular economy as a tool for designers and companies and use design thinking as a tool for future-accommodating organizations and methods.


To support this assumption, we include 4 approaches as a starting point for working with circular design processes:







Advises companies with positive processes, which supports the path from a linear to circular mindset in the organization




Draw attention to how the circular design processes are considered into the development phase / workflows




Focus on products' lifecycle and production opportunities in the development of new products




Identify the need for co-creation in collaboration with suppliers