As a design team, our strength is the diversity we each bring with us from experience and understanding of both professional insight and strategic foresight in the design profession and design business development. 

Both of us work as mentors for students in design and innovation and act in ERFA groups within continuing education and sustainability at Design Denmark.

Tenna Hansen, grounded in the graphic and communicative design field, has extensive experience with project and team management and has worked with brand development, visual storytelling as well as strategy and implementation within the fashion and lifestyle industry.


Recently she has been responsible for circular design and strategy development within exclusive packaging where Cradle to Cradle certifications was the goal.



Together we have a wide range of knowledge within the design profession and the design industry in general.




  • We are able to see opportunities for moving labor and production costs to new stages in the circular processes.



  • We are able to focus on the sustainable development the materials undergo in a design process



  • We are able to understand the properties and resources of the materials and the possibility of use in new contexts



  • We are able to relate to both production and distribution possibilities with a circular economy in mind



  • We are able to communicate how companies can create a visual identity in order to underpin their starting point in circular design.



  • We are able to advise and show methods for moving towards sustainable development and supporting the growth potential for circular production and mindset.





Helle Brechling Johansen, grounded in the industrial design field, has extensive experience of acting in all levels of design- and development processes, as well as working with product development and products' circular lifecycle within the fashion and interior industry.


Recently she has worked with design processes at more strategic levels to define new touchpoints through circular design processes to achieve design- and business development for several design companies.